Online Video Advertising Is Growing Many Times Faster Than TV, Search, And Most Other Digital Ad Markets

Today, “creating a buzz”, “go viral”, and “become a trend” are three of the most popular phrases you can hear from business marketers and advertisers. Many companies these days post media content like videos and photos to build brand popularity. Marketers understand that whatever becomes viral in the internet, all people in all corners of the globe will get to know about it.

Perth Business NewsWeb marketing is probably the biggest and the best form of advertising you can do. Compared to traditional advertising platform such as TV, radio, billboards and print ads, the internet has no limited scope. And if you want to become viral on the internet, nothing is more potent that a nice video.

Posting videos to popular networks like YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vines and Vimeo is more likely to become a viral media. If your video appears to be very interesting to your audience, shared all over social networking sites, and eventually become viral. This will help your brand become more popular.

The biggest advantage of viral video marketing is the compounding effect. One share of your video in social media won’t reach a limited number of people. One share of your video will lead to another share which will lead to another share. And each time someone promotes your video, it reaches an entirely new audience.

According to an article posted at Business Insider, digital video advertising is currently the fastest growing form of marketing.

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