Meet the remote small business owners beating the odds and succeeding

Mark and Jo Knobel market their honey beyond Australia.

There are many things involved when starting your own small business. Lots of steps to go through to get from that initial idea to a fully functioning business. But when this small business starts to generate income and grow, there is no better feeling and more satisfying than that.

Nowadays, working in large companies with hundreds of employees or even 50 employees is very seldom. Like many employees today quit their jobs to start their own small business. Today, small is the standard. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning or starting your own business, clearly the climate has never been better.

However, making your dream come true takes a few key strategies. First, before starting any endeavour, do your research. Educating yourself is the most important factor to become a successful new business. If no one wants your product or if no market exists for your service, you will spin your wheels trying to survive. Know your market; know who will buy your product or service.

Once you have done your research, planning is the next step. Determine what you will need and how you will get started. Jot down the goal and then write down each and every task I can think of that will need to be accomplished in order to achieve the goal.

Being small is not a hindrance to business success. Read this article and learn how a remote small business owner beat the odds and become successful in business:

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